Mangia Italiano!

Farm to Table Never Tasted so Good!

The selection of high-grade products is just one of the distinctive features of Masseria di Puglia. While constantly striving for the very best product, they also focus on sustainable development. In a period of history where the environmental situation is indeed critical, Masseria di Puglia, in line with the highest European standards, features a photovoltaic system that guarantees almost complete energy autonomy and a really low environmental impact.

Asparagus Strips

Dark Green Cerignola Olives

Light Green Cerignola Olives

Maggioresi Olives

Wild Onions

Sundried Tomatoes

Mixed Vegetables

Eggplant Strips & Filets


Masseria di Puglia

Roasted Peppers

Cherry Tomatoes

Artichoke w/ Stem

Artichoke Hearts